Our Client Testimonials

Residential Addition

George Beylarian Project

This letter is an introduction to our builder Mr. Tim Sneller, whose services in completing the addition to our house on Mauwee Brook Way in Kent, CT were completed a year ago to our great satisfaction.

Mr. Sneller performed his promises and deliverables to the end of the project in a very satisfactory manner.

We were pleased with his collaboration, his ideas and suggestions, and the workmanship which his team brought to us.

We recommend Mr. Sneller whole heartedly for the work he has done, and for his creative ideas in successfully completing the entire project.

Please feel free to contact me for any further details or questions.

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Private Residence

Susan Plagerman Vogue Magazine

Mr. Tim Sneller, owner of T&S Builders, made building our house in Connecticut nothing short of a pleasure and a great reward.

When my husband Thomas and I met Mr. Sneller, we immediately decided from that first meeting to work with him.

Although his C.V. was not as extensive as some of the other companies we looked at, he was by far and away the most engaged, competent and professional.

Throughout the 12-15 month time period that the house was built, there was never any issue with timing, quality or the level of professionalism extended to us by him and his entire crew.

As a result, we have a home that reflects both incredible quality and workmanship. This will be a benefit to our family for years to come.

My husband Thomas and I are available at any time for questions. If we had to do it all over again, we would hire Mr. Sneller without hesitation.

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Church Restoration

St Andrew's Parrish Kent, CT

With the Rectory refurbishment, the undercroft renovation and the painting of the exterior of the church completed by the end of 2013, this past year saw the complete renovation of the church interior, including refurbishment of the stained glass windows.

We are happy to say that all our major capital projects have been completed. After a successful capital campaign, the renovation work started on April 21st, the Monday after Easter 2014.

In the annual report of last year, I stated that getting budget figures in order and interviewing and reviewing proposals from stained glass window contractors was the most complicated and time sensitive part of this complex renovation. Well that was just the beginning!

We had an amazing contractor in Tim Sneller who oversaw the coordination of the different painting, plaster, flooring, carpentry, electrical and window subcontractors. He made it happen in a miraculously short time frame and with meticulous and beautiful attention to detail and craftsmanship.

We are so grateful for his professionalism. Construction was completed in time for the annual tag sale to be held as always in the Parish House and Sunday morning services to return to the nave.

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