Private Residence: Susan Plagerman Vogue Magazine

Susan Plagerman Vogue Magazine

Mr. Tim Sneller, the owner of T&S Builders, made building our house in Connecticut nothing short of a pleasure and a great reward.

When my husband Thomas and I met Mr. Sneller, we immediately decided from that first meeting to work with him.

Although his C.V. was not as extensive as some of the other companies we looked at, he was by far and away the most engaged, competent and professional.
Throughout the 12-15 month time period that the house was built, there was never any issue with timing, quality or the level of professionalism extended to us by him and his entire crew.

As a result, we have a home that reflects both incredible quality and workmanship. This will be a benefit to our family for years to come.

My husband Thomas and I are available at any time for questions. If we had to do it all over again, we would hire Mr. Sneller without hesitation.